Be the Best Parent for Your Athlete (Tri-Fold Brochure)


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Packed with tons of great statistics and information, our tri-fold brochure is a great resource for coaches to share in parent meetings!

Positive Parenting

As sports parents, we go to no ends to see that our kids receive the highest level of coaching. With that level of commitment, wouldn't parents benefit from a little coaching as well? Former two sport Division-I athlete and Certified Mental Coach (and father of five), Collin Henderson, offers strategies to not only improve your child’s on-field performance, but also identify blind spots and encourage discussion of balance and confidence.

This video series gives parents the tools to not only help their children grow both athletically and in life, but most importantly, aims to improve one of the most important relationship you can have…the one with your family.

(Recorded 5/16/19)

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